Mission and vision

Agencia Córdoba Innovar y Emprender was born in 2016 as a response to Province of Córdoba's need to promote the development of dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial ventures whose implementation benefits the whole population.

At a regional level, our province represents one of the most important university- educational poles and has a guiding entrepreneur ecosystem that, year after year, incorporates new actors and tools in order to provide a better offer to entrepreneurs in all their stages, allowing the existence of more and better dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial ventures.

Agencia Córdoba Innovar y Emprender S.E.M. (ACIE, by its Spanish initials) is part of the actors who work to improve our entrepreneur ecosystem development, as it is the body dedicated to promoting the establishment of innovative entrepreneurial ventures, elaborating territorial strategies for the local economic development and carrying out innovation plans, projects and programs. 

The main barriers detected lie in the financing difficulties for innovation, the lack of both own appropriate assets and intern capacities, and the access to external supporting infrastructure for the development of products and services. At the same time, the high dynamism and the risk of dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial ventures makes the access to financing difficult. 

That is why Córdoba Government seeks to foster the inversion in venture capital culture for projects that have such characteristics; they want to give way to development since the early stages to the more advanced ones. What is the proposal? Co-inversion, which implies the execution of a public money injection that must be supported with equal amount by private facilities in order to consolidate innovation entrepreneurial ventures.


The mission of Agencia Córdoba Innovar y Emprender is to design and carry out programs that increase the province’s flexibility and responsiveness in policies that foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the province, in order to promote, articulate and strengthen its capacities with the aim to boost Córdoba’s productive and social growth.

Invigorating the entrepreneurship ecosystem and fostering good practices.



Being a key player in the entrepreneur and innovative ecosystem actors’ bond. Being referents in the boosting of dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial ventures through the implementation of public policies in financing and innovation.

What is Agencia Córdoba Innovar y Emprender?

Agencia Córdoba Innovar y Emprender is a mixed-economy society created under Province of Córdoba’s Law 10.351, and whose shareholders are the State and the private sector. It promotes innovation, investigation and implementation of new knowledge into the productive and social areas of the province. It fosters the innovative culture, makes funds to boost the entrepreneur ecosystem available, and seeks to articulate all its actors. 

Moreover, it develops Data.ie, a platform whose aim is to share relevant information about the state, evolution and main trends of the Province of Córdoba's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Member of RELAI

Agencia Córdoba Innovar y Emprender is one of the thirteen agencies making up the Latin American Network of Innovation Agencies (RELAI, by its Spanish initials). RELAI is an association with the main national and regional innovation agencies set up in Latin America and the Caribbean, coordinated by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). Its members are organizations specialized in the promotion and enhancement of investigation, development and innovation (I+D+i)

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